Pilates For Hip Joint Pain

How You Can End Hip Joint Pain
August 31, 2007, 5:08 am
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One of my favorite exercises to stop hip joint pain is a simple movement you can do any place. I really like for my clients and patients to do this exercise at home or in their office through out the day.

First let’s look at how hip pain gets mis-understood. Often people will start to feel this tightness in your lower back right below waist level. This pain differs from sciatica which is lower and centered in the glut muscle. Often the suffer will complain also of leg pain or trouble standing for long periods of time.

Some women will have pain in the hip joint if they suffer from endometreosis. A thick lining of the uterus can apply pressure on the tissues of the lower back area and become painful.

So what you can do to help or stop the pain.

First you need to locate your transverse abdomial muscle which is a core muscle. Without this muscle working correctly hip pain will continue. This is the lowest muscle on the stomach area. This is the same muscle you hold in when zipping up very tight jeans or when holding in flatuence.

First place a hard pillow and place it between the legs while sitting in a chair.
Then engage your transverse abdomial muscle by holding it in.
While breathing out squeeze the pillow and hold for the count of four – keep holding the stomach in through out the entire exercise!
Then relax your legs and your tummy.

Be sure to breath through out the whole exercise – you just breath opposite from what you normally would think.
You can do this exercise several times a day.

This simple exercise can help you get through the day or even the night. There are many other exercises for help stop hip joint pain that I will share with you in future posts


Stop Back And Hip Joint Pain At Home
August 26, 2007, 3:54 am
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Pilates – Massage Can Stop Hip Joint Pain
August 25, 2007, 3:36 am
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One of the most common compliants I hear is low back pain from patients. The surprise is when they arrive at my office for the first time and we find that their pain is coming from the hip flexor causing hip joint pain.

While acupuncture will get you back to living life and enjoying yourself not everyone can afford care or take time from there lives to come for visits. Whether you can visit an acupuncturist for care or not part of your healing happens away from my office.

The two most important things you can do is gently massage the hip area to get circulation going into the joint and be sure to include your low back. The SI joint is that boney area that protrudes on your back near your waist line.

Then follow a strong exercise program that is designed for your problem. Even basic exercise can make your problem worse. The best program I found was through a friend of mine who showed me some special pilate’s exercises for back and joint pain.

These helped me so much personally that I went on the hunt for something to share with my clients and patients. That’s been the hard part. Finally I found something that anyone can afford and you can get it now a special program Pilate’s for back and joint pain perfect for your hip joint pain.

My Survival Hip Joint Pain Story
August 25, 2007, 2:50 am
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The doctor told me surgery was the only answer after being on drugs for three years yet something nagged at my mind. I had tried acupuncture years before for my neck pain when we lived in Colorado so I phoned up my old acupuncturist and asked her what I could do for my hip joint pain.

When Debra answered the phone I explained that my hip and low back had been giving me trouble ever since we moved out of state to be near my son and his family. My grand kids and garden are everything to me and on nice days I love to work in the yard. Yet lately I couldn’t hardly get out of bed. The pain seemed to start in my hip but it also hurt in my low back and inner calf.

Sometimes at night I couldn’t sleep without the drugs. During the days when I would watch the little ones standing on my feet to push a simple swing was too much.

My dear Tom loves to golf and we always walk the course for exercise but these past few months we’ve gotten a cart for me. Even our walks on the beach had been cut out of our lives.

She suggested I try Pilate’s. I didn’t want to go to one of those classes at the health club. I’d watched those other women and men move their bodies with flexibility that put my old bones to shame. I’m not really old mind you just retired a year ago and early at that!

I’d be darn if I was going to let my health be a factor in enjoying my retirement or eat into our savings. For us our life has just begun. Freedom was here at last!

Following her advice seemed reasonable to me especially since I could do this at home and just about anyplace else too.

So I went ahead and started doing pilate’s for my back and hip. It was the best thing I ever did for my health other than acupuncture. Not only did the pain go away I noticed I was sleeping better and had more energy! My pain is gone and my garden looks better than ever before.

Doing these quick and simple movements isn’t as hard as all those fancy people in tights made it look at the local center.

Don’t schedule surgery or take drugs any longer – try hip joint pain relief now.

Sally M.